Treating Bunion Pain

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony bump that occurs on the big toe joint. Bunions are formed by joint deformation as the big toe further pushes against the second toe, causing the big toe joint to become more prominent.
This can cause pain within the joint or rubbing when wearing shoes. Also known as “hallux valgus”.

What causes Bunions?

  • Genetics: Bunions are thought to be hereditary. Bunions are also much more prominent in women than men.
  • Activity: Increased activity long term may cause eventual wear and tear to the big toe joint.
  • Foot Type: Excessive pronation or rolling in of the feet along with flat feet, may cause excess pressure to the big toe joint causing a bunion.
  • Shoe wear: It is not clear whether tight shoes cause rubbing and permanent change to the area, however poor shoe wear may cause the big toe joint to be overworked and become dysfunctional and can cause the deformation of a bunion.
  • Trauma: Foot injuries may cause damage to the big toe joint
  • Congenital foot disorders: These include club foot or pigeon toes/feet turning in.
  • Systemic bone and joint disorders: These include rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Podiatrists can diagnose bunions and assist with footwear advice, orthotics to correct flat feet and joint mobilizations to get the joints of the foot working better. These treatments can alleviate symptoms and prevent or slow progression of the bunion. These treatments cannot correct any existing deformity. In very severe and painful cases, a surgical opinion may be recommended.

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Bunions Treatment